And the 5 Fastest Growing Neighborhoods In Brooklyn Are…


Everybody wants to be in Brooklyn. Which, sure. We already knew that. I mean, Brooklyn is so hot right now that hipsters even want to live in Bay Ridge. Bay Ridge! And with the release last week of state census data, Brooklyn’s popularity became undeniable. Based on some major number-crunching, the Daily News reports that Brooklyn not only got the largest absolute population boost in the “period spanning April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2012”, but also that the almost “60,000 new Brooklynites [who] moved in during that time – nearly double[d] Manhattan’s paltry count of 33,217 arrivals.” In fact, Brooklyn’s population is increasing so rapidly that its size is approaching that of Chicago’s. So that fun fact that we all know about how, if counted on its own, Brooklyn would be the 4th-largest city in America? Well, soon it will be the 3rd largest city in America. That’s really large!

But so where did all these Brooklyn newbies settle down? And who are these recent arrivals? Will we like them? Will they like us? So much pressure. Neighborhoods can change here in the span of a couple of years, so what does this population influx mean for the places that are most affected? Let’s try and guess! Based on numbers. Numbers reveal everything.