Meat Is Terrible For You. Here Are The 5 Best Places to Eat Fake Meat.

Feeling guilty yet?

  • Feeling guilty yet?

Yesterday, Kristin explored the newly-discovered health benefits of meat, and some of the best places in Brooklyn where one can eat said healthy meat. It was great, and all the food looked really tasty. Maybe even healthy! But, as a sometimes-vegetarian (“flexitarian,” per Wikipedia’s horrible terminology) and sometimes-skeptic in the merits of scientific studies, I took exception.

Is red meat really that good for the body, for the soul? And also, what about all the delicious fake versions that are out there? Have you even tried those little Morningstar Farms fake breakfast sausage things? Even before I sort of stopped eating meat, those were the food of the gods. The point is, Brooklyn doesn’t belong solely to carnivores. Or even to gentle, full-on vegans! It also belongs to those of us who are content eating faux versions of the same stuff everyone else is eating. Here are the best places in Brooklyn to do it.


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