Williamsburg Bars Are Now Overrun With Babies

The benders gotta stop sometime, kid.

  • The bender’s gotta stop sometime, kid.

The whole babies-in-bars thing is an issue we’ve covered pretty extensively before, but generally within the confines of its relationship to Park Slope because… well, Park Slope. No more! The phenomenon has apparently moved north, to Williamsburg.

This means two things, essentially: first, that your youth is over and that Williamsburg is, in fact, getting squarer and more adult by the day, but also, that baby-friendly bars are having to lay down the law and set actual curfews for these infants.

Specifically, beer halls Radegast and Spritzenbhaus — popular with self-described “hipster” parents for their daytime hours and spacious layouts — have set no-baby curfews at 8 p.m. and 7 p.m., respectively. “It’s great for all of us, because what baby is going to stay up past 8 p.m,” one young mother told DNAinfo.

Which makes sense, in that babies generally don’t stay up that late, but also sort of implies that people needed a reminder to get their infants out of bars before real drinking hours get underway. But who knows, I don’t have kids, and anyway, this seems to be working out well enough for everyone involved. “These bars are loud,” the same mom explained. “It’s great because if your baby starts crying, nobody can hear it.” In the end, isn’t this what we all want?

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  1. Is your magazine real or this just a joke? Some of your articles that I see posted on FB are absolutely untrue and just down right stupid. Comments about “GIRLS” everyday? Seriously? Also who wrote this piece of garbage? http://bkmagv2.wpengine.com/BrooklynAbridged/arch…

    I’m considering dis-“liking” this entire magazine. Step up your game with actual valid aspects of Brooklyn.

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