The Deaths of Great 20th-Century Artists, in Pictures

Death confers upon its subject a gravitas impossible to achieve in life—it clarifies that which preceded it. Death is the beginning of history. And if life is short and art is long, the death of an artist is longer still. Isadora Duncan, Francesca Woodman, Paul Thek, Sylvia Plath, Jean Michel Basquiat: famous in life, mythic in death.

Featuring Dušan Týnek Dance Company

Photos Christian Larsen
Styling Jonathan Hamilt

Production Lauren Schaefer for Production-11
Photo Assistant Derin Thorpe
Stylist Assistants Naveen Murad and Helena Eisenhart
Hair Joseph DiMaggio
Make-Up Jonathan Young
Dancers (In order of appearance) Elisa Osborne, Alexandra Berger, John Eirich, Ned Sturgis, and Emily Gayeski

Above: Isadora Duncan
Died September 14, 1927

The inventor of modern dance famously got her long silk scarf caught in the spokes of the car she was in. It broke her neck.

Rick Owens scarf