The Ins and Outs of Williamsburg’s Latest Mega-Development

The new New Domino development Williamsburg

New designs for the New Domino development by SHoP were released this week, and they’re very different from the old New Domino: the buildings are taller, there are fewer of them, they’re funnier shapes, and there’s more open space. Fears were that if the old developer, CPC, sold Domino, a new developer would break the old promises and build something even worse. But it seems like Two Trees, the new developer, may have conceived something actually better. “The city rarely gets this good a chance to extricate itself from a planning mistake,” Justin Davidson wrote for New York magazine. “Yes, the new Domino would mean more creeping Manhattanization, but that sure is better than the alternative: the New Jersification of Brooklyn.” Provided the plan passes the uniform land-use review procedure, there will be more than 2,000 market-rate apartments, the old 660 below market-rate, as well as more office space, small-retail space, and more green space. Let’s break it down!