Are Bikes Recycled From Car Parts Actually Real?


Because, you know, this sounds like a great, highly marketable and potentially in-demand idea. And the Madrid-based team over at “Bicycled Bikes” certainly seems to think it is, based on their slick website, nicely produced promotional video, and promises that users can sign up to “get the first ones.”

According to their materials, they’ve figured out a way to make bikes by welding together bits of steel from old cars, using upholstery to cover seats and handlebars, turning turn signals into rear reflectors, and other clever switches. The company calls the bikes the “most efficient, ecological and healthy means of transportation,” but also side-steps possible questions about efficiency (“Why not just use old bike parts instead,” being a popular one), noting, “Every product we create is based on a consumer insight, that’s also based on an emotion. In this case, the emotion bikers feel when they ride a bike that was made out of wasted cars.” An emotion known to some as “blissful, smug self-satisfaction,” one might guess.

Anyway, as Atlantic Cities points out, their site only indicates the existence of once such fancy, eco-friendly bike, and the company backing the whole thing is Lola Madrid, a marketing agency not really known as a real manufacturer. Meaning, then, that the jury is out on whether these bikes will become widely available or are even a good idea to begin with. Watch the video for yourself below. Bouncy, inspirational music aside, these really do seem like they’d be cool, and presumably eco-friendly. At least, in theory.

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