Borough Park Assemblyman Thinks Blackface is Fun!

Dov Hikind Racist Idiot

For Purim yesterday, Assemblyman Dov Hikind dressed up as what he described as a basketball player, a costume that involved dark sunglasses, a bushy black wig, an orange-mesh shirt, and blackface applied by a professional make-up artist, Gothamist reports. A photo made its way onto Facebook, and people were predictably irate. Hikind, however, can’t even imagine why. Like, literally. Because on Purim, Jewish people dress up in a uniform that makes them different. “I don’t think anyone thought, imagined, or contemplated that someone would have an issue with whatever someone wants to dress up as on Purim,” he told Gothamist. “I never thought that if I’m white and look different, be it black, yellow, green, or blue, that someone would object to that. I can’t even imagine that. I don’t see it, I don’t get it.”

Hikind’s astonishing idiocy might be less offensive if he weren’t also so detestable. For example, he has equated homosexuality with incest and supports racial profiling of Middle Easterners; he’s constantly threatening the academic freedom of Brooklyn College anytime he views an event or a professor as insufficiently supportive of Israel. Add to this now he is also a total fool, a buffoon. He’s an endless embarrassment to the borough and the state, and the people of Borough Park should be ashamed to send him to the state legislature.

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