New York Will Never Make You Happy. Here Are 5 Cities You Should Move to Instead!


  • Vivienne Gucwa/Flickr

Because we love nothing if not slightly misleading uses of data, the Vermont Complex Systems Center has compiled a list of happiest (and saddest) states and cities, based on an elaborate analysis of geo-tagged tweets. There are sweeping judgments to be made, of course, but the really surprising thing here is that New York — both the state and the city — didn’t make the cut.

Granted, it’s a pleasant surprise in some ways, but also confusing. Mentions of wine were included as a happiness factor, and words like “ass” and “boo” as a negative. And yet, New York is nowhere to be seen in the upper or lower rankings of this list. This is both good and bad, but mostly, it means we’re more boring than we thought. Who are we, if not the greatest (or most despicable) city on the face of the earth? Seems like it’s about time to put a lid on this whole thing. “The whole thing” being the existence of New York City, and for now, our collective decision to live in its vicinity. So, where should you move to shake up the routine, and maybe save some money on rent? Let’s consult the data.