Holler and Squall: Brooklyn Design, Old and New

Brooklyn design

Holler & Squall is a Brooklyn design/antiques shop that defies easy characterization: between the vintage furniture and small curiosities, it’s hard to pin down one genre or era. Husband-wife proprietors Gillette and Zak Wing opened the Atlantic Avenue store in July of 2009, naming it after a Jimmy Martin song, adding the descriptor, “Things Unlimited,” in homage to Gillette’s grandparents, who owned a store by the same name in the 1950s. In 2013, they continue the legacy by sourcing their goods from auctions, estate sales and flea markets, gathering a continuously evolving selection of items from across the country, from taxidermy and jewelry to industrial lighting and end tables. Whether you’re in search of storage vessels or club chairs, the catalog celebrates old-fashioned yet edgy thoughtfulness.


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