Where to Eat on Valentine’s Day


Don’t believe your significant other when they insist that Valentine’s Day isn’t all that important to them. They’re lying. And don’t even think of using the line “Every day is Valentine’s Day with you” as an excuse to get out of some serious February 14th planning. That’s crap. It’s the one day out of the year when we can rely on a big, showy bouquet of flowers being sent to the office, and you taking the initiative to make the dinner reservations for once. And don’t forget the cheesy, heart-shaped boxes of terrible chocolate. We love that shit.

And side note to our husband — even though we’re the food writer in the family, you’re still required to score a table at a really nice restaurant. And by the way, it can’t be one off of this list. That doesn’t count. Show a little forethought….haven’t you been listening to us rattle on about all of the new, hot restaurant openings all of these years?

For anyone that isn’t our husband, you’re welcome. All you need to do is pick a spot off of this fail-safe compilation of awesome eateries, and your sweetie will be suitably appeased. But you better get cracking and pick up the phone already, because haven’t you heard? Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away. And if you wait too long and miss out on all of the totally prime tables, well, no one can help you after that.


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