The Gentlewoman’s Guide to the Perfect Brooklyn Bachelorette Party


Ooh, getting married, are you? Congratulations! That is great, hopefully. I’ll spare you any further words of wisdom about this storied institution, partially because I have none, but also because there are way more important things to talk about. Namely, the party you get to have with all of your friends before you enter into a stressful (and joyful!), life-altering event. The bachelorette party.

Now, if you want to just order up a bunch of novelty sex toys and titter about them over cosmos, I suppose that is a classic option, taken by many brides before you. I think we can do better, though. Specifically, better in the form of a perfectly planned, Brooklyn-centric itinerary for you and whoever you’ve chosen to accompany you on this seminal rite of passage. Yes? Yes. Let’s do this.