Gaming the System at the Overpriced Salad Bar


Yesterday, we briefly touched on the budgetary and dietary disaster that is lunch food in DUMBO. Not the largest problem in this world, by a long shot, but also not the smallest? I guess that’s debatable, but the point is, no one can live on Front Street Pizza alone. Or at least, you shouldn’t.

So, failing “getting my shit together and bringing my own food,” that leaves “the incredibly expensive but delicious and healthy-ish salad bar.” There are lots of iterations of this — the Whole Foods cold bar being the established gold standard — but for our purposes, I’m thinking specifically of the $7.99 per pound salad gauntlet at Foragers, a grocery store that regularly sees fit to charge several dollars more for everyday items that are available for less money half a block away. Necessities, too, like beer and yogurt. Aaaaah, this is so stupid! I hate giving them business! It’s a terrible vicious cycle. But when stuck in the midst of a terrible vicious cycle, we must learn, somehow, to settle for small victories. Small victories like shaving a dollar or two off the price of a plastic container full of vegetables. Let us explore this.



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