Super Bowl Snack and Beer Pairings from Bierkraft


Listen, no one’s about to confuse chicken wings, onion dip and jalapeno poppers with haute cuisine. But (especially) when it comes to Super Bowl Sunday, there’s absolutely no shame in preparing/ordering/defrosting and resolutely enjoying that kind of food. That doesn’t mean, however, that you need to chase down it with repellent swill. We asked brew experts Joe Tracy and Chris Balla, of Park Slope’s preeminent craft beer haven Bierkraft, to devise a carefully curated pairing list for all of your Game Day favorites. So no matter what team comes out on top this year, you’re the one that’s guaranteed to score the winning touchdown. Ha. We actually wrote that.

“Tasked with the assignment of pairing these Super Bowl dishes, we decided to find beer pairings from Northern California, Maryland, and our local breweries here. So many choices here and in Northern California, I’m sure we left some people out. Maryland, step your game up.”


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