BREAKING: Williamsburg Car Accident Kills Dog, “Mangles” Woman

North 11th at Berry

A friend from the Brooklyn Brewery emailed us this evening to tell us that earlier today, around 5:30pm, there was “a nasty hit-and-run” car accident on N. 11th and Berry streets. “A woman was hit,” he told us. “Her legs were mangled and her dog dead. The driver took off.”

Our friend at the Brewery follows up: “Turns out the driver did stop. Supposedly the woman stepped out from between parked cars. In addition to her legs, she suffered extensive internal bleeding. She was in surgery last night.”

We’ll report more information when we get it.

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  1. The woman struck is a family member. I doubt she walked between cars while walking the dog. I’d bet that the driver was on the cell phone and that is why she was struck by a car

  2. I am another family member of the woman, Can you share your finding on how it was determined she stepped out between cars? We are trying to piece together this terrible accident. You can respond directly to my tweet that I had sent your last night. Thanks.

  3. The source was somebody from the Brooklyn Brewery who was a witness and who also spoke the next day to the woman’s boyfriend.


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