Miss America is Already Leaving Brooklyn


Oh, well, geez. Maybe we should have been nicer? Who knows, maybe the 10th Avenue Deli is totally underrated! Nice find, girl! Or something! But maybe it’s not about us. Maybe it’s just that rents are crazily high and the Miss America pageant isn’t really trying to pay a year’s worth of Mallory Hagan’s Windsor Terrace rent while she travels constantly for her obligatory public appearances. Either way, she’s already on her way out, according to the Post.

And, it’s probably amicable. Hagan — originally an Alabama native — told Brooklyn Paper, “I’ll be back as soon as my year as Miss America is up. I will put my stuff in storage for the year and then bring it back out once my reign as Miss America is over.”

Which could still just be a nice way of telling us she’s in the early stages of a gentle fade-out with Brooklyn, but I guess seems pretty reasonable. The Post also interviewed bereft local business owners, and they had some pretty reasonable (albeit sort of backhanded) thoughts, too. “Well, I guess we’re sad to lose her,” said the manager of the Windsor Cafe near her former apartment. “But I think the neighborhood will be OK. We’ll just have to move on.” True enough. Maybe we should all meet up for a good cry at Connecticut Muffin?

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