New Yorkers Like Their Dates Drunk, Cultured

Dont be nervous! Just get her drunk and it will all be ok.

  • Don’t be nervous! Just get her drunk and it will all be ok.

In what might be the most predictable reveal of all time, dating website How About We… released information culled from our fair nation’s dating population and determined that the city where first dates are most likely to center around alcohol consumption is New York. That’s right. New Yorkers like to drink with people who they hope to eventually have sex with. That’s the New York way—direct and to the point. Not like those losers in Denver who go on exercise-based first dates. Here’s the thing, Denver, exercise never leads to anything good. That’s just a fact.

The other thing that New Yorkers really like to do on a first date is participate in some kind of cultural activity. Well, that’s what the statistics claim to show. But, then, the most popular first date spot is the Highline? Which, architecture? I guess. But also people like to go to the Met to “ponder some art.” So, there’s your culture right there. Two Brooklyn venues also made the top 5 most popular dating spots: Brooklyn Brewery and Brooklyn Bowl. These are perfectly great places, if a little obvious. Which really makes you think how hard it is to plan a first date with someone that you don’t even know. It makes me kind of wish dating was as dead as the New York TImes claims it is.

A little less predictable, though, is the news that New Yorkers’ favorite activity on a date is playing board games. Playing board games wins in a significant margin over the second place activity, dancing. Which kind of makes sense, because you don’t want to dance with just anybody. Or, at least, I don’t. Not everyone knows how to dance. It could be terrible. But that doesn’t mean that people have to resort to board games. Unless Jenga is included. Everyone knows that Jenga is the most aphrodisiacal (apparently, that IS a word) of activities. Personally, I have never played Jenga with someone and not slept with them. Of course, I’ve only played Jenga once, and it wasn’t on a first date. So, this might not be a rule, exactly.

The final, troubling reveal is that the most popular food—except for the vague “other”—to eat on a first date is frozen yogurt. Which, come on, New York. We can do better than that. We’re not LA. Get your boxed mac ‘n’ cheese on. You know you want to.

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