Miss America Lives in Brooklyn!


Windsor Terrace-resident Mallory Hagan was crowned Miss America on Saturday, the Times reports—the first Brooklynite ever to receive the honor. (Many other outlets reported she lives in Park Slope.) The 23-year-old FIT student is originally from Alabama and moved to New York “several years ago.” “Just look at her,” a bartender told me yesterday in Park Slope, “and you can see she’s not from New York.” The reaction here has been mixed. “We don’t believe in beauty pageants,” a writer told the Times yesterday, meaning EVERYBODY IN BROOKLYN. But Hagan likes it here. “Brooklyn has grown very close to my heart,” she wrote on her blog. While the first Brooklynite to become Miss America, she’s not the first Miss New York to receive the honor. Here are all the Miss New Yorks who went on to win, including all the historic firsts—and scandals.



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