Williamsburg’s Oslo Burned Down Yesterday

Yesterday wasn’t a great day for coffee lovers (or anyone, other than the worst, most mean-spirited among us), as beloved Williamsburg coffee shop Oslo was unexpectedly ravaged by fire at its Bedford Avenue location (it has another shop nearby on Roebling).

Photographer Alida Pannill-Siersma caught the aftermath in the above photo, and Gothamist reports that the fire broke out midday yesterday, for reasons that are as of yet unknown.

The store’s social media manager Meghan Overdeep said yesterday, “The fire started suddenly. The owners and managers are there now trying to figure out what started it, but the store is basically gone. It’s still standing but it’s been gutted. Thankfully all of our employees and customers are okay.”

Here’s hoping for plentiful insurance and a swift recovery. In the meantime, maybe stop by their other location for a few more cups of coffee than you would normally buy.

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