Mac Users Have Better Taste in Wine, Food and Are the Best People



Statistics have done it again. That’s right, a loosely organized survey by a social media site called Hunch has proven something that we all knew to be true anyway. That’s what statistics and social media are for, right? To prove what we already believe in and confirm our faith in our deeply-held, not-at-all rational ideas. I love statistics.

This time, statistics have been used to prove that Mac users are cooler and better people than PC users. For example, Mac users like Vespas, while PC users like Harleys. Case closed, right? But also, Mac users like modern art and PC users like impressionism. Smaller differences have been known to cause wars. And can you guess who likes Leno? PC users. Obviously. The correct answer to that is also “people in unhappy marriages in Middle America” but that wasn’t an option in this particular survey.

The food and beverage section of the survey was incredibly revealing. For example, Mac users like Pellegrino, while PC users like something called “Orange Crush”. Also, Mac users like red wine and hummus and PC users like white wine and tuna fish. But, perhaps most revealingly, Mac users are 80% more likely to be vegetarians. Even if that isn’t complete proof that Mac users are better people than PC users, consider this: PC users willingly admit to enjoying a drink called a “Screaming Orgasm.” Case closed. Thanks, statistics, for proving what I knew all along—that PC users are the worst.

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