The Ghost Dog Is Officially Up For Adoption


Prospect Park’s beloved, mythical ghost dog is now available for adoption, after many months of loving rehabilitation at Sean Casey Animal Rescue. Naturally, competition for ownership of the dog (and ownership of his heart? awwww) is fierce, with around 40 people having already applied to adopt him.

“There are a lot of applications in for him but we have to be really careful,” said Casey. “He just needs someone to be patient and control him; somebody with large dog experience who could physically hold on to him.”

He also, apparently, needs someone who will keep him out of his former stomping grounds in Prospect Park, given his many, many years of experience running around off leash. “I’m hoping that one day he’ll be rehabilitated to the point where we can walk him through the park,” said Casey.” He was no dummy when he was living there.”

Casey also noted that Ghost Dog “is very trusting and very loving and has no aggression,” so you should probably throw your hat into the ring for this if for no other reason than to make him feel special. If it’s doesn’t work out, you can comfort yourself with the other Ghost Dog.

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