The Beginner’s Guide to Brooklyn Tourism, In 10 Easy Steps


As you may have heard this week, Mayor Bloomberg has categorically won the battle against…. everything he was battling. Other than gun violence and obesity, but anyway. The big news is that murder rates in New York were at a record low in 2012, and tourism hit an all time high, with 52 million people visiting our fair, not-as-fat-as-other-places-but-still-sort-of-fat city.

One has to wonder, though, how many of these tourists are making the leap into Brooklyn? Sure, the New York Times has already explained how to get a cab here for the low, low price of $20, but based on the sometimes-shorter lines and occasionally peaceful streets, it seems that we’re not the tourist draw we could be. This can all be changed. If giants like the Barclays Center or the Brooklyn Museum aren’t enough to tempt you to this side of the water, well, here is a totally subjective selection of other cool (and sometimes edifying!) stuff to do when you come to visit Brooklyn. Or even if you live here already, it’s good either way. Mayor Bloomberg, if you or the city tourism board are reading this, thank-you checks (or a lifetime subscription to health insurance?) can be sent to me at our business address.


  1. In other words, take a map of Brooklyn. Put your pencil on Brighton Beach. Draw a line to Grand Army Plaza. Then draw a line from Grand Army Plaza to the Newtown Creek. Do not go east or south of this line.


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