The 5 Golden Rules of New Year’s Hangover Etiquette


There aren’t a lot of things everyone can agree on in this world, but if there’s one, it’s that New Year’s Eve is the single biggest party night of the year. Even little kids who just get sparkling cider, a slightly later bedtime, and maybe some junk food believe this to be true.

Ipso facto, New Year’s Day is the single biggest hangover day of the year. A day, then, when it’s essential not to just be nice to yourself, but to every single person with whom you come into social contact. It’s like that Plato quote you see on bumper stickers and re-usable grocery bags about being kind “because everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle,” or something. A crushing hangover is no reason to forget your manners, after all. Here are a few key ways to still be a decent person tomorrow, no matter how much you brutalize yourself tonight.



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