Reasons Why Brooklyn Is the Best Place Ever and We Love It


So, after writing about why Brooklyn is the worst place ever, based on a totally arbitrary list of reasons that I didn’t even come up with, I thought that maybe I ought to figure out some actual reasons why Brooklyn is the best place ever. Coming up, as we are, on the end of the year means that the Internet (including, well, us) is flooded with all sorts of lists about the year that was. I’ve been doing a bit of a walk down memory lane and revisiting all of the things that have gone down in Brooklyn this year. And, you know what? It’s kind of been a depressing year. I mean, the hurricane and all the playground shootings this summer and the drama at the Park Slope Food Co-op and children being allowed to go to bars and dogs and cats living together. I mean, we’re talking mass hysteria! But still, I live here. We live here. And I wanted to concentrate on why that is, on why Brooklyn is the best place ever and we love it.


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