Is Brooklyn Getting A Pro-Soccer Team? And 6 Other Sports We’d Like To Lure Here


No one boosts Brooklyn in quite the same fervent, weird way as Marty Markowitz, and this week, our borough president is trying to steal a planned pro-soccer stadium in Queens and move it to Brooklyn instead. “I know Queens is pushing for a stadium, but I believe pro soccer belongs here in Brooklyn,” adding, “Soccer is the number 1 sport in the world, so why shouldn’t we have a team here in Brooklyn?”

A spokesman for Major League Soccer told the Post that the organization remains “100 percent focused on bringing pro soccer to Queens,” but given Markowitz’s track record — he’s played a part in luring both the Nets and the Islanders our way — we may still have a shot at getting our very own Brooklyn soccer team. But why should we stop there? Brooklyn is only growing, and as such, so is our collective demand for recreation and entertainment. Let’s wildly speculate about what other sports we can add to our little menagerie.


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