Suzanne Rae Releases Fall/Winter Lookbook


By this point, we trust you know that “lookbooks” rarely, if ever, have anything to do with actual books. Someone, somewhere, is probably writing a bad comedy routine about it as we speak. Moving on.

The point is, it’s always nice to see one that’s thoughtfully or artfully put together, and Suzanne Rae’s newest release for her Fall/Winter collection hits the mark.

In collaboration with Brooklyn-based filmmakers at Knockout Pictures, Rae-Pelaez (whose Bushwick studio we visited back in September) decided to put together a short film for her latest effort, showcasing Brooklyn scenery and nightlife as much as the clothing itself. If you feel a sudden urge to swan around on a rooftop in your best outfit by the end of it, no one can say we didn’t warn you.

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Suzanne Rae Fall/Winter 2012 from KNOCKOUT PICTURES on Vimeo


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