Suzanne Rae Releases Fall/Winter Lookbook


By this point, we trust you know that “lookbooks” rarely, if ever, have anything to do with actual books. Someone, somewhere, is probably writing a bad comedy routine about it as we speak. Moving on.

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The point is, it’s always nice to see one that’s thoughtfully or artfully put together, and Suzanne Rae’s newest release for her Fall/Winter collection hits the mark.

In collaboration with Brooklyn-based filmmakers at Knockout Pictures, Rae-Pelaez (whose Bushwick studio we visited back in September) decided to put together a short film for her latest effort, showcasing Brooklyn scenery and nightlife as much as the clothing itself. If you feel a sudden urge to swan around on a rooftop in your best outfit by the end of it, no one can say we didn’t warn you.

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Suzanne Rae Fall/Winter 2012 from KNOCKOUT PICTURES on Vimeo

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