The 10 Best Author Photos Of All Time

Not his Carrie portrait, but an amazing one nonetheless.

  • Not his “Carrie” portrait, but an amazing one nonetheless.

The National Book Awards were given out last night to some of our country’s finest writers. Louise Erdrich won the fiction category for her novel “The Round House” and Katherine Boo won in non-fiction for her book “Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity.” Also a winner? The incredibly popular, though not perhaps critically revered because critics are elitist and uptight, noir writer Elmore Leonard, who won the award for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters, a sort of lifetime achievement award that the New York Times points out “was only the second time that the award, which has been presented since 1988, went to a writer who was a popular favorite as opposed to a critically acclaimed legend. The first time was when the master of horror, Stephen King, won in 2003.”

Which got me thinking about a conversation that I’d had with L Magazine Managing Editor Henry Stewart, who asked me whether or not I had ever seen the author photo of Stephen King on the first edition of “Carrie.” I had seen this work of art and then countered with another amazing author photo and then realized that I shouldn’t just waste all these great photos on a random Skype conversation with Henry! I should make a whole post out of them! So that everyone could enjoy. Enjoy!


  1. Actually, Zach, I am ALWAYS trying to forget that picture of Shel Silverstein on the back of “The Giving Tree.” But thanks for the reminder.

    And Nathan Turbow and Tibor? No, sorry. I didn’t rip this idea off from Jesse Pearson. I ripped it off from Henry Stewart. Who knows where he ripped it off? I guess Jesse Pearson? The jury’s out.


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