In the Wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Good People of Park Slope Have Found Another Horrible Reason to Be Angry

The horror!

  • The horror!

The end (of alternate side parking) is coming: The city is suspending the parking ordinance indefinitely in storm-struck areas so that sanitation crews can focus on cleaning the mess left in Sandy’s wake. But not everyone is pleased about the reprieve from the age-old parking-hassle.

“We’re hopping mad about it,” said Craig Hammerman, the district manager of Community Board 6. The Daily News reports that Hammerman was concerned because Slope residents have been waiting (and waiting!) for clean streets. Directly after the storm, when Sandy littered the roads with felled trees, the lack of cleaning was understandable, they’ve conceded.

“But now the streets are open and passable,” Hammerman said. “For them to not sweep the streets now is ludicrous.”


It’s been a long haul to recovery for the whole city, especially those neighborhoods like the Slope that were relatively unaffected by Sandy (at least in that, for the most part, they didn’t lose power, heat or hot water) but are still reeling from the storm’s after-effects, its inhabitants left to wrestle with a smattering of hideous dead, brown leaves in the street.

Take a moment to compose yourself, to learn to cope with this new kind of reality some people right here in Brooklyn have been forced to accept.

Some day, we hope, everything will return to normal—for the people who no longer have homes, yes, but mostly for the people who still have really nice homes but have been forced to listen to the constant, beautiful sound of leaves being rushed beneath the weight of their favorite pair of utilitarian boots.



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