5 Things You Could Have Bought With an MTA Sandy Refund

This week, the MTA decided it would not issue refunds to its customers for the days it didn’t offer service after Superstorm Sandy shut down the subway system—not, apparently, because of any sound ethical reasoning, but because it would be “a logistical nightmare.” The Post figures the refund would have been $10.41. Here’s a list of things you could have bought for $10.41 or less that you’ll now have to forgo.


  1. This is probably my favorite thing that I’ve ever read in my life. Because it’s useful. Because it’s true. And because I am always on the hunt for a good burrito.

  2. Oooor…it’s completely vapid without so much as a “wow, guys at MTA, job well done in such a short amount of time. now i can train to get my vegan burrito. or go see a movie. or a live show.”


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