The Impeach Obama Movement Has Begun: Tweets From the Front Line


I don’t know if anyone remembers the last time we re-elected a Democratic president, but that guy’s second term sure was rocky. President Clinton was targeted by what Hilary Clinton famously called a “vast right-wing conspiracy” and was impeached for…what was it again? Getting a blowjob? Lying about getting a blowjob? Does it even matter? Did it ever?

Anyway. Now that our country has re-elected another Democratic president, guess what some Republicans are calling for? Impeachment! What a surprise. But what’s fun for us now, in the age of social networking, is that none of this is a behind-closed-doors conspiracy. It’s all right out in the open. All of the total psychos are totally cool with letting their freak flags fly. And after seeing the hilarious Joe Mande’s twitter feed, which is full of some great #Impeach retweets, we decided to gather together some of the highlights of the Republican base’s brain trust. And what a brain trust it is! Impeccable logic and startling rationality is not exactly abundant. But they do bring the funny. So there’s that.