Remember When: The Key Moments in Decision 2012

Michelle Obama voted. Dont you want to be like Michelle Obama? You really should. Shes amazing.

  • Michelle Obama voted. Don’t you want to be like Michelle Obama? You really should. She’s amazing.

It’s time. It’s here. Are you voting today? Of course you are! You’ve had months and months to get ready for today, of course you’re ready! Or maybe you’ve already voted? In which case, good for you. Way to be a responsible American. Well done, you.

But maybe you are also thinking to yourself, “Wow. This campaign just flew by! I wish I could relive every moment of it.”

Okay. Probably you are not thinking that to yourself. Probably what you are thinking is more along the lines of, “What an unbelievably dreary slog that campaign was. I wish I could just remember the highlights, so that I can laugh. Laugh even though I feel like crying because, shit, there’s a Nor’Easter coming to our area tomorrow.”

Well, if that’s what you’re thinking then you’re in luck. Let’s relive the highs and the lows—the seemingly bottomless lows—of Decision 2012.


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