Petition: Bring Shuttle Buses to the L and G Lines!


Lincoln Restler may not be district leader in North Brooklyn anymore, but he’s still launching petitions. The latest asks the MTA to add shuttle bus service to the L and G subway lines, which are still out of service following Superstorm Sandy. “These trains are not redundant but essential lifelines for hundreds of thousands of Brooklynites,” Restler writes. “As we await the draining of these subway tunnels, we hope the MTA will swiftly expand bus service.”

“Without L or G train service, North Brooklynites remain stranded by Sandy,” Restler told us. “We are facing multi-hour commutes.”

You can sign the petition here.

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  1. Wow! As if that is the worst problem now. There are people freezing and starving in Boerum Hill, Rockoways etc. Why isn’t Mr. Restler organizing food deliveries, clothing etc.?

    I know that the G raised his profile, but what it was nice during happy times, isn’t worth wasting your efforts now.


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