Inside a Beautiful South Williamsburg Loft


Few couples are as charming as Jozeph Herceg and Lauren Volo, who have set up home in a loft right on the border of Bed-Stuy and South Williamsburg. When they met in late 2010, Lauren had been living for four years in microscopic East Village apartments, but Jozeph lured her away to Greenpoint, where there were novelties such as “space and light.” They’ve been in their enviable Bed-Stuy/South Williamsburg loft since earlier this year and I can attest that they make an excellent choice as a double date, especially if that involves strolling to Forcella for pizza and wine.

Where are each of you from and what originally brought you to New York?

Lauren: I’m from a small town in Connecticut where stop signs are optional, and I moved to New York in 2005 to be a photo assistant for a well-known food and lifestyle photographer.
Jozeph: I’m from Northern California and came to New York in 2001 for school. After graduating, I hopped around the U.S. and Europe before settling back here permanently in 2007.

And what are you up to these days?
Lauren: My first go at cookbook photography was finally released the first week of October, which I am very excited about, and hopefully that will lead to more in the coming year. I am also involved in the initial stages of putting together a startup company with a friend of mine. The exact details of what we are going to do are still under wraps, but we think that it will be a success, a standout in Brooklyn—if that’s possible.
Jozeph: My primary job is teaching GED classes in the Bronx, working with 17 to 24 year-old students who at some point dropped out of high school. “A challenge” and “rewarding” are the taglines I could attach to it, or what people might expect me to say—in actuality it’s difficult and exhausting and a constant test. The rewards are definitely not immediate, but now, in my third year, I’m beginning to see them. I’m also the poetry editor for BOMB Magazine’s BOMBlog, so I’m at their office at least one afternoon a week.


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