Checking In On Myrtle, Brooklyn’s Most Famous Lost Dog


Anyone who’s even been in the vicinity of Brooklyn within the past month is probably aware of Myrtle, the black chihuahua who went missing on October 6th after running away from a dog sitter during a walk in Greenpoint. Posters for Myrtle have been everywhere (I’ve personally seen them in Bushwick, Williamsburg, Soho, and our DUMBO offices), the “Find Myrtle” effort has its own website, outlets as major as Newsweek, (or at least their blog) have picked up the story, and support has even poured in from the likes of Neko Case, Ted Leo, and The Mountain Goats via Twitter.

Between that, the $1,000 reward for her safe return, and our duty as an upstanding local publication to cover important lost dog-related news, we are all very, very invested in Myrtle. We checked in with owner Danielle Maveal about the status of the search, the flood of reward money being donated, and one extremely unexpected dick pic.

Myrtle been missing for nearly 3 weeks now, do you have any new leads?

She was last seen in Queens, just over the Greenpoint Ave bridge. That was the last call I got that made any sense — I got this call last week, but the sighting was the night she went missing on October 6th.

Have there been any false alarms or particularly weird responses?

One [tip] led to a medium-speed bicycle chase of an innocent man. I stalked his house, broke into a nearby building and spied from a neighboring rooftop. The lead turned out to be fake. I think. I hope. Maybe my private detective abilities are just weak.

Oh, and there was the email that said, “I found your chiwawa.” And had a photo attached. Can you guess what the photo was of? [Ed note: we guess it was a penis.] I worked for a website for 5 years, nothing like that can really disturb me, I just laughed. It was shaved. Ew. [Ed note: Yep.]


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