And Now You Can Get Booze Delivered Right to Your Brooklyn Doorstep


A drunker version of Fresh Direct is coming to Brooklyn? Yes! All your imbibing needs will now be met by a company called Booze Carriage, which is now delivering booze directly to your doorstep. Under a banner that’s straight out of Disney adventure film, the company tagline reads, “Your order to your door, for the same price as the store!” And although there’s a $20 minimum on all orders, it’s free of charge! Also, they guarantee delivery within an hour!

The young company started in Manhattan and has been delivering limited items to limited areas of Brooklyn for a while. According to their site, Booze Carriage will deliver beer and wine only to Williamsburg, while Park Slope, Clinton Hill, Fort Green and Prospect Heights can only get spirits. Not sure what the logic for this business plan was—do South Brooklynites really drink more liquor?—but it’s temporary anyway. Things change quickly in the booze delivery business, apparently. Starting in November Booze Carriage will serve the Park Slopers beer and expand their delivery area to DUMBO, Greenpoint, Long Island City, and even Roosevelt Island! None for you, Bushwick.

Although beer is available all day and night, spirit commerce is governed by with state and cannot be sold past midnight on a weekday and 9PM on Sundays. That means there are times where I will actually have to get up off the couch, wear a shirt and shoes and lug my own bottle back home. What a cruel, cruel world. But still a little less so with the rise of companies like Booze Carriage.


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