10 Reasons the NHL is Also Coming to Brooklyn

Cal Clutterbuck, the Mustache from Minnesota.
  • Cal Clutterbuck, the Mustache from Minnesota.

1. Brooklyn is Ready for Hockey
Sure, it can be a pretty irritating running joke, but there’s some truth to the idea that hipster Brooklyn is populated by Midwestern gentrifiers WHO ARE RUINING OUR PRECIOUS OLD-SCHOOL BREUCKELEN. But you know what Midwesterners like (particularly the ones from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan)? Hockey and beer. Not to mention that professional hockey’s perpetual lack of popularity in most of the country makes it an ideal hipster diversion. And look, Built By Wendy’s already dipped into sacred hockey iconography; also, check out these hockey player hipsters. For further argument, hockey blog Five Minutes for Fighting has also made the case.

Around Brooklyn

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  1. If there is a god the Islanders will move to Bridgeport, Connecticut in a newly re-renovated for NHL Webster Bank Arena.

  2. Ok. Take a losing team with inept management and apathetic ownership and move them out of a shitty arena and into a relatively nice one. That’s like giving a blind guy an expensive camera and saying “Now your photographs will be nice!” Unless you put a winning team in Brooklyn, hockey won’t thrive there. Least of all the Islanders.

  3. “Unless you put a winning team in Brooklyn, hockey won’t thrive there. Least of all the Islanders.”

    Don’t forget the Personal Seat Licenses. Enjoy those along with the newly confirmed to be heading to Brooklyn Islanders. 😀

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