Sick of the Subway? Ride the Biketrain to Work!

Bikes + Trains= Commuter Bliss?

  • Bikes + Trains= Commuter Bliss?

With the news that an MTA fare hike is imminent (boooo!) what’s a frugal commuter supposed to do? Cough up the extra money? Yeah, probably that’s what most people will have to do and, let me just say, that prospect is terrible. But what are the alternatives? Well, one of them is biking to work. But what if the thought of riding a bike over the Brooklyn Bridge causes you to quiver in fear and spontaneously curl up into the fetal position whispering the words “I don’t want to die” over and over again in a slight lisp even though none of those words even has an “s” in them?

If that even remotely describes you, have no fear! The biketrain will calm your fears and help you get to work safely and inexpensively!

DNAInfo reports on the new phenomenon of commuters banding together and forming what has been dubbed a “biketrain” in order to get to work without the accompanying fear of getting hit by a car or truck. DNAInfo explains that “the biketrain concept, a group bike ride to help new riders feel more comfortable on city streets and experienced riders to find community” has taken root in Fort Greene with a morning starting point located at the Red Lantern Bicycle Shop and Cafe.

Rider Jack De Stefano said, “Cycling can be a solo activity and I think it’s exciting to meet people who are doing this every day.” And I must say that I think this is a really great idea. A lot more people would be inclined to ride their bikes instead of public transportation if personal safety, or the lack thereof, wasn’t such an issue. If you ride with a group, suddenly you reach a level of critical mass and a car can’t intimidate you in the same way it could if you were alone. This new trend is a positive development in a city that might be overflowing with bike lanes, but that still hasn’t developed enough safety protocols, like protected lanes, to ensure cyclist safety.

So until it’s safer to ride solo, consider the biketrain. Ride on, biketrain, ride on.

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