Brooklyn Homeowners Vie To Turn Houses Into Billboards



149 Brooklyn residents have applied for a nationwide advertising campaign that will paint houses a garish orange and green, reports the Daily News. The sponsoring marketing firm, Brainiacs From Mars, will pay residents’ monthly mortgage payments in exchange for the use of their property.

The applicant pool is smaller in the other boroughs: only 22 from Manhattan, 64 in the Bronx, 73 in Staten Island and 85 in Queens. But nationwide there are more than 42,000 competitors vying for only 3,000 spots.

Although neighbors might not be thrilled, it seems homeowners are applying out of desperation, not spite. Khamattie Jones told the Daily News that she’s recovering from breast cancer and doesn’t have the energy to work two jobs anymore, so her income has shrunk.

The “brainiac” behind the scheme, Romeo Mendoza, told the Daily News that homeowners will be picked based on “how compelling their stories are”. Essentially need-based advertising? Interesting concept.

This is hardly the first time unconventional spaces are rented out for advertising. Remember the guy who auctioned off his forehead on ebay? The one-month lease, so to speak, sold for a whopping $37,375.

Then some idiot woman in Utah sold permanent advertising on her forehead for only $15,000, and a UK woman sold temporary space on her cleavage, both to The list goes on…


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