Brooklyn Streetstyle: Rock and Studs Edition

Age: 27


Occupation: I’m a musician.
Neighborhood: Bed-Stuy.
I’m wearing: Thrifted jacket, Uniqlo shirt, Forever 21 pants, Dr. Martens and sunglasses from St. Mark’s Place.

My favorite place to shop in Brooklyn is: Salvation Army.

Brooklyn is: Home. Punk and real. I love to perform there, the audience is always really creative and supportive.
The most Brooklyn thing about my look is: My jacket, because it’s from the Salvation Army.
The least Brooklyn thing about my look is: My clean-shaven face.
Brooklyn style is: Colorful.



  1. Why is Zachary featured? His hair looks like it hasn’t been washed in days, only coated in layers of pomade and hairspray. His jacket is ill fitting and makes his torso appear short and round. The jeans are an entire other nightmare- why would anyone with thighs that fat and womanly wear tight fitted jeans?
    Letting me down over here bkmag.

  2. you want to talk proportions and style choices? look at the other two featured! you got nothing to say about them? i see a small penis, overcompensating large ax to grind, bunkbedstuy! that’s transparency for you. <3

  3. Zach is a talented musician with a great sense of style, I see him all the time in Soho and he is the nicest guy. Sounds to me like bunkbedstuy has some envy issues, and I wonder if bunkbedstuy even lives in New York?

  4. Actually,Bunkbedstuy, Zach uses Murray’s hair grease, for he is a black man. Yes, ZAS wears women’s jeans, because he can. All the ladies love his jeans. So, what is the problem? I thought fashion was universal for everyone. ZAS’s swag is on point. Remember, Fashion has no gender. I wear women’s clothes all the time.

  5. Sounds like Anna is Zachary. He does have a past history of making accounts to defend himself.
    And 27? This dude is like 35.

  6. zacherye looks attractive! i’ve heard his music and also seen him around nyc. theres no reason to tear someone down. its a blog… get a life

  7. So I am wondering why one person seems to have it in for Zachary enough to look up his date of birth? That’s a little creepy, isn’t it? Zach is 30, the photographer got his age wrong, so what? Happens all of the time. Zach is one of the nicest and most talented guys in New York, so it’s too bad that someone in Ohio is obviously very, very jealous of him.

  8. Zach looks great, and he should be damned proud of it. He’s doing very well, and he’s had the same great style for a very long time. Journalists makes mistakes, and they also post retractions and corrections. You can’t just tell a publication “Oh, hey, take it on my word alone that you got a fact wrong. You should correct it.” I was just trying to give a credible source for it.

    I think he’s a great representation of the creative culture that can come out of a place that many consider to be a moribund backwater. 30 or 27, he’s rocking hardcore, and I have a feeling he’ll be pulling it off for many years to come.

  9. I celebrate all kinds of people and styles.
    But i’m not going to celebrate someone who has’n changed their hair style
    in years, and plays crappy music.
    He’s a nice guy, don’t get me wrong. Sweet, kind, and funny.
    But on a music scale, its like listening to a 12 year old with a casio.
    Sorry, just being honest.

  10. “I celebrate all kinds of people and styles.
    But i’m not going to celebrate someone who has’n changed their hair style
    in years, and plays crappy music.”

    First off, this is a street fashion page, not a music review blog, so why are you discussing his music, that has nothing to do with this section?

    Secondly, how can you even think to criticize Zach’s style and then not say a single thing about the other two pictured?

    The answer is simple, you are a jealous, petty little person with an axe to grind. Why do you want to grind that axe? because you are obviously very jealous. You don’t want to celebrate Zach? Then why bother posting here? Because you feel an innate need to bring him down.

    I’ve known Zach for years. He is a wonderful person, sweet, warm, and very intelligent. He has worked harder than most to be successful in New York City, which is a tough place to begin with. I remember when Zach moved here, he came on a train from Cleveland, and he didn’t know anyone. I watched him work his way up through some very daunting circumstances to become a successful Marketing Director and musician here in NYC.

    I think Zach’s music is great, and a lot of others in NYC do as well because he has quite a good following here and he packs his shows out. He will be the first to tell you that his music isn’t for everyone. But a lot of his song are insanely catchy and witty, and people are always dancing at his shown in Brooklyn and the LES.

    I’ve been to Zach’s office in Soho, where he has gold records on his wall for the records he has worked. Zach has come a long way from where he grew up, and he is still the sweetest, nicest, most down to earth guy, as evidenced by the people here who have taken the time to defend him against your obvious hate.

    The fact of the matter is this, Zach has accomplished things that you never will. You know how I know that? Because people who are truly successful, and truly happy, especially here in New York, don’t spend time trolling the internet looking for people to pick on.

    Go get a life. If you spend more time making your goals happen (if you have any) and less time picking on people like a coward, you might find yourself in a better place.

  11. I take it back, NYDJ is definitely ZAS. That is almost word for word how he used to fake defend himself on other websites.
    Get a hobby dude.

  12. @ Bunkbedstuy,

    You seem to have a hard time understanding that Zach had friends who come to his defense. you have a very big chip on your shoulder, get over it, leave Zach alone, and get a life.

    And no, I am not Zach, I am not even a boy. Seriously, stop. It’s weird. Are you related to Mark David Chapman?

  13. bunkbedstuy, you are for real the creepiest and most pathetic troll i have seen in a long time. everyone here is wondering why you care so much. i hope you have other hobbies than jacking off to the punishment porn in your head whenever you see zach’s name on the internet. you made it obvious how you spend your time.

    the more you comment, the moister you get.

  14. This whole conversion is crazy. I am proud of Zach for his move to New York. I have known him for years in Columbus and he was always a great dude. for some reason a handful of people in the local music scene had an issue with him, probably because they did not conform to their narrow view of what was cool. If find it laughable that they would go the trouble of anonymously posting mean comments on a fashion blog. But I also find it absurd that I am taking the time to defend him. But he is good enough person that it is worth it.


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