8 Brooklyn TV Shows: How Real Are They?


One of the secret pleasures of TV viewing is coming across a show that’s set in New York and watching it carefully, only so that you can tear it apart. Tearing things apart is one of my favorite pastimes, anyway. At least, it is when I’m frustrated with my own life. It’s not what anyone would call healthy exactly, but there is something therapeutic about it, as any doctor would tell you.

Actually, though, I haven’t even had any time for TV in some time now, so I get my tear-down thrills vicariously. Like when I saw that the show Glee would partially be set in Bushwick now, and two of the characters would be living in a airplane hangar-like loft for $1,800. This is bullshit! You can’t even get anything in Bushwick anymore for that much. Well, you could get something but not an airplane hangar-like loft. I call major bullshit on this one. I’ve never watched Glee, but that doesn’t stop me from judging its lack of reality when it comes to NYC real estate. So, in honor of the new TV season, I figured I would look back on other shows—many of whom I have also NEVER seen—and judge them according to a somewhat (highly) arbitrary system that I’ve developed.


  1. I’m sorry, but Girls real? It’s only real to trust-fund white narcissistic girls like Lena Dunham, I guess that’d be you. Greenpoint, which is full of immigrants, aren’t even shown or featured in that show. Just shows that Lena’s Brooklyn, isn’t real Brooklyn. All in her narcissistic bubble and head.

    And are you even for real? You didn’t mention The Patty Duke Show and Brooklyn Bridge. So basically, a Brooklyn gentrifier is reviewing tv shows set in Brooklyn if the show is real? That’s just like Jayson Blair factchecking a story.

  2. The Kramdens lived in Bensonhurst, though the fake address they used does exist and is in Bed Stuy. And Vanessa probably was catching the 2 up to A&S Plaza at Herald Square.

  3. I wrote that The Honeymooners took place in Bushwick mistakenly (it happens!) because Jackie Gleason was from Bushwick (364 Chauncey Street) and I read that The Honeymooners drew a lot from his own experiences, growing up in Bushwick. My mistake! But there is a Bushwick connection, so, there’s that.

  4. So, you didn’t watch three of the shows, but passed judgement anyway. Then basically said that Sex and the City was very realistic because Manhattan people moved to Brooklyn to have a kid, and nothing else. So yeah. This is a ridiculous article, I was really hoping for more than snark and Wikipedia-ed opinions.

  5. I love how a Brooklyn gentrifyer reviews what is the REAL Brooklyn. Give me a break. What do you really know? You live here a minute and know what it really feels like to live in Brooklyn? Puhleeese. I grew up in Brooklyn, lived in Manhattan as well as the Bronx and just recently moved back to Brooklyn. Greenpoint to be exact, and I feel like I am just rediscovering the borough even though I KNOW how Brooklyn feels since I was a kid. But, would I ever write such a dumb article without such knowledge? Give me a break, you go to a few Williamsburg and Park Slope bars and think you know the borough? Please stop.


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