Food Carts Versus Bike Lanes: The True Battle of Brooklyn


Brooklyn may no longer be able to continue existing in its present state. No, it almost definitely can’t, and it would seem that the sun is setting on our borough’s days as an expensive, utopian publicity-magnet.

Two of our staunchest, most parodied factions are at war with one another. The food truck people and the bike lane people are no longer friends.

Brooklyn Paper reports that the tensions are concentrated downtown on Smith and Jay Street, where food truck and cart operators have reportedly taken to transporting their carts in bike lanes that have already been deemed some of the most dangerous in New York.

“This is not what the space is intended for,” griped one cyclist. “It puts other people at risk.”

Though it is technically illegal (and extremely dangerous) to transport a food cart in a bike lane, one thoughtful, anonymous vendor explained, “It’s only for five minutes.”

So now that you’ve heard extended arguments from both camps, pick a side and stay there until this whole thing blows over. It is likely to get much, much worse before it gets better, and allies guarantee safety.

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