In Victory For Vito Lopez, Williamsburg District Leader Race Too Close To Call


Results from yesterday’s primary are frustratingly inconclusive in Williamsburg, with the race between Lincoln Restler and Chris Olechowski for Democratic District Leader currently too close to call.

Though the position is a relatively small one, the race is widely seen as a referendum on pervy, embattled Assembly and party boss Vito Lopez and the democratic party machine as a whole.

“Will the Machine stomp out every progressive activist and replace him with a yes man,” asked Restler in a recent interview with the L Magazine, “or will neighborhood residents come to the polls and stand up for the guy who has been standing up for our neighborhood?”

Lopez is said to be behind the massive turnout of Orthodox Jewish voters in favor of Olechowski, who is currently up by 200 votes. However, incumbent Restler’s initial race for the position was similarly close and eventually required a recount, and he insists, “The race is too close to call yet again. We’re going to make sure every ballot is counted.”

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