Williamsburg’s New Movie Theater Supposedly Opening Soon

Someday.... someday.

  • Someday…. someday.

Those of you wishing, hoping, praying for Williamsburg’s coming multiplex to finally open will just have to keep waiting (and maybe find better ways to use your free time).

The $9.3 million project, which has been in the works since 2010, has been delayed again, with owners saying Williamsburg Cinemas should be open by the holidays, but refusing to get into specifics.

“Fitting seven auditoriums on an 8,500-square-foot site is difficult,” said Robert McCall, one of the project’s architects.

Sure, but I would have assumed that fitting a certain amount of theaters into a certain amount of space is exactly what they were planning for when they designed the new building? Then again, what do I really know about architecture? And, it’s not like Robert has ever shown up to my office and criticized how I Tweet or whatever, but still.

In any case, the theater, coming to us from the company behind Cobble Hill Cinemas, will be located right on the corner of Grand and Driggs and is expected to feature a “mix of mainstream and indie films.”

In the meantime, we’ll just have to take comfort in the sweet, boozy embrace of Nitehawk, which really, isn’t such a bad deal.

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