Craig Zobel’s Compliance Will Probably Freak You Out

The talk of Sundance, Craig Zobel’s controversial Compliance (opened August 17) tells the story of a prank caller who, pretending to be a detective, convinces the managers of a fast-food restaurant to detain one of the cashiers, strip search her, and eventually sexually assault her. It’s based very closely on a true story, and is incredibly difficult to watch—and to deal with afterward. “The film was meant to start a dialogue—I had questions that were sparked by the story, and hoped to make a film that would inspire more questions,” Zobel tells us. “We’ve had some crazy reactions, but the majority of people are just really interested in talking about it afterwards.”

Zobel has lived in Bed-Stuy for the last year, where he moved after living in Ditmas Park, which was his first New York foray out of Manhattan. “I love my neighborhood,” he tells us. “There’re trees and backyards. Definitely more of a sense of community for me out here—it reminds me a little of Atlanta, where I’m from.”


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