Cops Busted Brooklyn Home Full of Snakes, Alligators This Weekend

Which way is Book Court, guys?

Not every urban snake owner is as low-key and grounded as the guy who owns the Bushwick python.

No, some, like the Crown Heights residents whose apartment was raided this weekend, take wacky pet ownership a little too far. In this case, “too far” means 13 different exotic animals, including alligators, bearded dragons, pythons, a boa constrictor, a gecko, a scorpion, and a tarantula.

But hey, they had some normal animals in the mix, too!

“They’ve got some big dogs,” a source said. “They’ve got some pit bulls up there. [Animal protection] need[s] to do something.”

A neighbor added, “It’s straight weird. I’ve had little problems with them.”

So just think: that guy you get vaguely weird vibes from in your building might not just be a jerk, he could also be housing a stable of deadly animals, right above your head! Or he could be a serial killer. Don’t forget, there’s always the “serial killer” possibility.

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