Iced Coffee Saves Woman Being Mugged at Gunpoint

This is what a hero looks like.

  • This is what a hero looks like.

In a heroic twist to a truly disturbing news story, a woman in Red Hook threw a cup of iced coffee in the face of a gun-wielding assailant and was able to run away unharmed. Sometimes, when I try to think of how I would react in a situation like that, I imagine myself making a stand and taking down my mugger in a whirling fury of fists and well-placed kicks. Then I think a little more seriously and realize that I’d probably curl up in the fetal position right there on the sidewalk, whimpering, please don’t hurt me.

I hope I never have to find out!

The Carroll Garden Patch reported on three recent muggings where the criminals all used guns, and the woman who escaped due to her quickness with an iced coffee cup, was one of them. As great as it is that this woman managed to escape harm using her ingenuity and love of caffeine, it is incredibly worrisome that she—and the other two people mentioned—was mugged with a gun during the day!

That’s right. All three muggings took place during daylight hours in relatively crowded parts of Brooklyn. One mugging took place only two blocks from a police precinct at 4:55 pm on a Tuesday! At this time, none of the assailants have been captured and, while thankfully none of the victim were physically harmed, all of the thieves successfully stole their targets’ wallets, credit cards, ID cards, and phones. Two of the muggers were described this way “one male, black, age 13, approximately 5 foot, weighing 120 pounds, who was joined by a female, black, also 13.”

13??? This is depressing, depressing news. I’m going to go get some iced coffee. And look out for middle-school kids toting Whole Foods bags. Because apparently the kids were “last seen carrying a green Whole Foods shopping bag, which police say criminals sometimes use for stashing loot.” Ugh.

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