The Fabulous Sussman Brothers: Brooklyn Foodie Stars

Besides being beloved Brooklyn foodie destinations, Roberta’s and Mile End share a very particular thing: the Sussman Brothers. Originally from suburban Detroit, Max and Eli have been wowing New York diners at their respective outposts (Max is chef de cuisine at Roberta’s, and Eli prepares the smoked meat just so at Mile End) and are now ready to share some of the magic with their new cookbook, This is a Cookbook: Recipes for Real Life. So, how does running a kitchen compare to working with your brother? “The amount of arguments we got in against the amount of arguments we could have gotten in was really low. We barely ever disagreed,” Max tells us. But that isn’t to say that pulling together dozens of their favorite recipes—from late-night snack essentials to impress-your-friends dinner-party numbers—was easy. As Max warns: “Writing a cookbook is incredibly hard and time consuming, and most people don’t realize the huge amount of hours it takes to really get it done properly.”

Photo Devon Banks


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