Park Slope Movie Theater Planning On Serving Booze. Yes!


This whole “put a bar in it” trend is really something we can get behind. And now there’s a new business that’s planning on serving alcohol in a venue where it wasn’t originally served: the Pavilion Movie Theater in South Slope. This development should go a long way toward rehabilitating the reputation of this theater which has been going through renovations for…oh…approximately forever, frustrating neighborhood residents who just want to watch movies in a theater where the sound is synced up, the screens are intact, and the seats are bed-bug free.

Alcohol should go a long way toward helping movie-goer morale, is all I’m saying.

The Brooklyn Paper reports that the Pavilion “owners Peter and Ben Kafash are seeking an alcohol permit that allows movie-goers to sip mixed drinks, beer, and wine.” The Pavilion is hoping to join the ranks of other alcohol-serving Brooklyn movie houses like Nitehawk and IndieScreen (both in Williamsburg) that successfully took advantage of the repeal of the law that prohibited serving alcohol in movie theaters last September.

The Pavilion has long been a movie theater tolerated rather than celebrated by the neighborhood, but, now that it’s under new management, it has been trying to re-fashion itself into a destination that Park Slope residents will flock to. The Brooklyn Paper gives more details on the theater’s plans, which include the info that “movie-goers will be able to grab a drink from a concession stand and hang out in a soon-to-be renovated lounge area — or pair a cold one with popcorn and head into the theater.”

This all sounds great. And because the theater is only going to be serving alcohol between the hours of 5pm and 11pm, hopefully annoying little kids won’t ruin the beer-swilling, movie-going adults’ good time. Because kids kind of tend to ruin everything. Especially in Park Slope.

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