Brooklyn College is Stone Cold Sober


It might be news to my friends who used to sneak beers on the roof of Whitman, but Brooklyn College is definitely not a party school, the Brooklyn Eagle reports. Of the 377 colleges ranked this year by the Princeton Review—Brooklyn College being the only one from Brooklyn—the CUNY university ranked as the seventh most “Stone Cold Sober.”

“It is also the fourth from the top in ‘Scotch and Soda, Hold the Scotch’ (low hard-liquor usage),” the paper reports, “the fifth from the top in ‘Got Milk’ (beer usage reported low); and 12th in the category of ‘Don’t Inhale’ (marijuana usage reported low).”

Administrators told the Eagle it’s likely because it’s a commuter school attended largely by immigrants for whom “success in school is crucial” and also because of the high numbers of Muslims (who can’t drink) and Orthodox Jews (who don’t drink). “Also, there are few bars in the immediate area,” a spokesperson said.

That’s true! Roughly eight years ago a lounge opened around Campus Road and Avenue H, and I met some friends there who’d been drinking bottles of Red Stripe. There was no bartender when I got there, and I waited about 15 minutes before he strolled in, carrying two black plastic bags from the bodega—filled with more Red Stripe!

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