“Pat Kiernan Day” Is Now An Official Brooklyn Holiday


As you may have heard, lovably innocuous NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan recently moved his family from their home on the Upper West Side to a home right off the Bedford Ave stop in Williamsburg.

Hipster/gentrifier/yuppie scum! Just kidding, welcome to the neighborhood, Pat!

So that may not have been the most graceful welcome I could have mustered for good old Pat, but not to worry! Marty Markowitz has already rolled the welcome wagon all the way out, in the form of newly declared local holiday “Pat Kiernan Day.”

More specifically, Markowitz dubbed August 21st “‘Pat Kiernan Welcome to Brooklyn Celebration Day’ in the Republic of Brooklyn, USA.”

Wowza! To celebrate, Markowitz joined Kiernan onstage in the middle of a trivia hosting gig at The Bell House, giving the Canadian transplant a few cartoonish lessons in Brooklyn-ese. Watch below for video of the somewhat awkward ceremony, and crack a Molson to welcome our newest compatriot.

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