Happening In Manhattan: Members-Only Clubs, Luxury Hotels. For Dogs.

I approve.

Brooklyn has its own share of over-the-top pet amenities, but don’t worry, we can still feel morally superior to those wasteful, godless hedonists across the river.

They have members-only dog clubs. And luxury dog hotels that cost half my rent.

Feeling better about your own wasteful spending already? Great, let’s continue.

First up is the “Ruff Club,” set to open this fall in an old performance space on Avenue A. The owners of the planned members-only dog daycare insist they are “screening dogs, not people,” and have planned amenities including i-Pad self check-in stations (modeled after airports) and a webcam through which owners can view their dogs remotely.

Eyebrow raising, sure (we’ll leave you to your own conclusions about what this means for Alphabet City), but I can give it a pass.

Then there’s the “D” Pet Hotel to be considered. Later this month Chelsea will get a branch of the chandelier-decorated West Hollywood establishment where rich people check their pets in for treatments including “paw-di-cures” or overnight stays in king-sized beds.

The dogs have also been known to be chauffeured in Lamborghinis.


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty skeptical about everything our society is becoming. Do you, too, feel like you need to somehow square your love of animals with your increasing levels of populist rage? Maybe instead of stewing about the very existence of “paw-di-cures” you can channel this energy positively and adopt from our friends over at Sean Casey Animal Rescue. We promise you won’t be obligated to give your new friend spa treatments.

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